Lobbying and government relations

Its intimate acquaintance with the economic, political and regulatory world, together with its familiarity with the clients’ needs, enable Goren Amir to cope with a great number of dynamic challenges. The partners at Goren Amir maintain intricate trust-based ties to decision-makers and policy leaders in Israel’s government and business sector.
We simultaneously operate in different fields, each with a different agenda and ground rules, enabling Goren Amir to weave the knowledge learned in each field into a cohesive, synergetic motion.

Crisis management

One of Goren Amir’s greatest advantages is its ability to work sensibly and sensitively behind the scenes in times of crisis. Based on the client’s needs, we shape a uniform, clear and pithy message throughout the duration of the crisis.
Specializing in large-scale crises, we play a crucial role in the decision-making process towards their resolution, relying on our long-term and solid relationship with different government agencies. We focus on damage control and turning the crisis into an opportunity. Our emergency provisions include setting up an operation room, working round-the-clock in tandem with the company management, seeing the crisis through while employing our skills incorporating reliability, creativity and discreetness.



Uniqueness, outperforming our competitors, acquiring a reputation, foresight, raising awareness – all these are components of our strategic planning.
Our strategic consulting focuses mainly on government regulation in the business sector. Here too we practice our philosophy of casting ourselves into active partnership with our client’s managerial ranks, setting goals and devising strategies to meet them. Our tailor-made strategy consists of market analysis (market share, sector activity, market trends, global processes) together with socio-politico-regulatory analysis. We specialize in customizing a toolkit for each client and each regulatory principle it may face, in order to provide the client with the most effective communication with their interlocutor – be they decision-makers, legal departments, senior public servants or special advisors.


Our experts

Goren Amir’s team of experts consists of professionals from different backgrounds, who devise a wide range of solutions based on the interest of the public, its interface with business interests, and regulation issues.
Our senior account managers include private sector advisers, lawyers, accountants, publicists, media professionals and financiers. Some are former public servants, political consultants and corporate, consumer affairs, trade and environmental experts.
Here too, our work is characterized by professionalism, reliability, creativity and discreetness, high-quality and reactiveness. Our vast experience and our intimate knowledge of the political and regulatory spheres, combined with our highest professional values of due process and transparency, enable us to deliver first-rate results to our clients.

Environmental risk management

The progress in environmental protection regulations in recent years went hand in hand with rising awareness of environmental issues. From being the cause célèbre of a handful of European activists in the 1970s, environmental awareness has become the centerpiece of today’s world order.
Israel enacted a host of environmental protection laws, which were a prerequisite to joining multilateral trade deals. Its accession to the OECD gave this trend further tailwind.
To address these new developments, Goren Amir set up a department specializing in environmental issues, offering services to renewable energy companies as well as clients seeking environmental risk management that are based on predicting regulation risks and devising effective ways to prevent excessively restrictive legislation. Similarly, we negotiate with the regulatory bodies to remove existing stumbling blocks. We depart from the assumption that mutually consensual regulations benefit both society and the business sector, yet every decision should be taken with apt discretion.

Research and information

Every step Goren Amir’s team of experts takes is backed up by research on the market, politics and the relevant power hubs.
Our clients receive crucial information from government and Knesset deliberations, as well as other public bodies, in real time. Processing the information at the same time as monitoring legislation and implementation of government policy, following up on regulatory procedures, among other things, all feed into our strategic planning.

Consultant Team

Moshe Bibi CEO Goren Amir Consultants
Moshe Bibi, a partner in Goren Amir joined the company in August 2010 after a decade in the public sector, where he held several positions. During this period, he gained extensive experience in the public sector, and a deep familiarity with various governmental systems in Israel at the national, municipal, parliamentary and governmental levels. Moshe is in charge of developing government relations and managing all the regulatory processes of the company’s clients. From the date of its joining until today. From 2006 to 2009 he was the director of the Kadima faction and the coalition director in the Knesset and was subordinate to the faction chairman and the coalition, and was responsible for the work of the coalition headquarters in the Knesset, including promoting and blocking legislative proposals, managing the relationship between the coalition and the opposition. Advisor to the Deputy Mayor of Jerusalem, Mr. Yigal Amadi.
From 1996 to 1999 he served as advisor to the then Minister of Health, Mr. Yehoshua Matza.