Goren Amir Group

Goren Amir employs an integrated apparatus of creative activities and tools, offering a unique and innovative approach to dealing with a range of issues and challenges.
Founded in 1999, Goren Amir has provided companies, NGOs and corporations with strategic and regulatory consulting that emanates from a thorough understanding of policymaking in Israel. Employing cutting-edge technologies, Goren Amir has turned this understanding into a holistic, interdisciplinary operational model, which encompasses the marketing, media, public and economic realms.
The Group is composed of a financial consulting firm and an advertising agency that provide real-time troubleshooting. Actively engaging with our clients’ goals and needs, our philosophy is goal-oriented: We set a bottom line and work tirelessly to achieve it. Our strategy is premised on a regulatory risk management model that addresses the tension between the organization’s expansion drive and the state regulation that tends to restrict it.
Goren Amir acknowledges that this tension is endemic to the field, and therefore requires constant attention and dialectical care. Our clients hail from a range of sectors, be it health, security, accounting, international financial services, energy, agriculture, technology, media, education and transportation.


Moshe Bibi

CEO and partner, Goren Amir Consultants

Moshe Bibi joined Goren Amir in 2010, after a decade as a public servant. During that time, he became intimately familiar with the national and local governments, as well as the different components of the legislative and executive branches.
In 2006-2009, he was director general of the Knesset faction of Kadima, then the party of government, and of the parliamentary coalition, in which capacity he was in charge of prioritizing and carrying out legislation and of the coalition’s relations with the opposition and with the cabinet secretariat. In 1999-2006, he served as senior adviser to Deputy Jerusalem Mayor Yigal Amedi.
At Goren Amir, Moshe Bibi is in charge of government relations and regulatory procedures for all of the company’s clients.


Tomer Amir

Founder and co-owner

Prior to Goren Amir’s founding, Tomer Amir was one of Israel’s most senior marketing executives, acting as senior adviser to dozens of leading businesses and firms in Israel and abroad. In 2014, he founded the business firm Eucalyptus Industries.

Tomer Amir’s intimate familiarity with numerous sectors of the Israeli economy has led his clients and partners from one success to the other.


Aliza Goren

Founder and co-owner

For 25 years, Aliza Goren filled a variety of roles in Israel’s public service. Among others, she was an adviser to former prime ministers Yitzhak Rabin and Shimon Peres, a media adviser to former Housing and Foreign Minister David Levy and business development adviser to former Trade and Industry Minister Micha Harish. Before that, she was chief international news desk editor for the Israel Broadcasting Authority.

A member of the Peres Center for Peace’s board of directors, Aliza Goren is an expert in decision- and policymaking both at home and abroad.


Boaz Sofer

CEO and co-owner of Rationale

Boaz Sofer filled a number of senior roles in Israel’s Finance Ministry, most recently as Deputy Director General for Planning and Economy at the Israel Tax Authority. In this capacity, he initiated and led a number of structural reforms in the Israeli economy, such as green tax, company car tax, negative VAT, online tax reporting and others. Boaz Sofer was the chair of the inter-ministerial prices committee, a member of the dumping charges committee, a member of the Israel Railways board of directors, and more. After leaving the public sector, he was CEO of Tikshuv, Israel’s biggest call center company


Yigal Hazan

CEO – head of creative and co-owner of Drive

Yigal Hazan spent more than a decade in senior executive roles in Israel’s leading advertising agencies, most recently as art director at McCann Erickson. As art director for Shalmor Avnon Amichay, Yigal Hazan was account manager for Newpan, Shapam, Yellow Pages and Isracard. At Baumann Ber Rivnay, he was account manager for Cellcom, Unilever and Dubek. Five years later, at Gitam, he presided over the unification of the Shufersal brands, and directed the award-winning campaign of the Israel Cancer Association. An expert in media crisis management, Yigal Hazan was trained by Israeli advertising pioneer Moshik Teomim. Drive was set up in conjunction with Goren Amir to find first-rate solutions to problems in regulation and the media. In addition, Drive provides out-of-the-box solutions for the digital and traditional media.