Rational Web-Site

Who we are

In an economy with ever-changing regulatory functions, we offer to mediate between the regulatory agencies and the respective sectors in the economy. We specialize in economic regulation and its impact on different sectors.
Having acquired a vast experience in both the public and private sectors, our staff display a unique combination of a big-picture vision and a pragmatic approach to practice.
Rationale offers a principled and unbiased analysis of the complexities of the economic system, with a focus on implementation-oriented practical strategies. An additional asset that we provide is our intimate familiarity with economic regulations in Israel, which affects every aspect of business activity.

Fields of expertise

Rationale resides on the cusp between the business and government sectors. Our unique skills and know-how enable us to define the wants and needs of each, while making customized adjustments for each client.
We provide the following services:
• Expert opinions for use in court, tax procedures, etc.;
• Devising business plans that include economic viability prospects;
• Managing tender submissions;
• “Behind-the-scenes” consulting on dealing with government agencies and regulatory bodies;
• Expertise in scaling-down and redundancy processes.

Our clients

Chevra Kadisha forum; Magen David Adom Emergency Services; Health Ministry; The Coca-Cola Company Israel; James Richardson; Israel Hotels Association; Beterem – Safe Kids Israel; Isreal Steel Industries; Pharmaceutical companies, and more.


Boaz Sofer

CEO and co-owner of Rationale

Filled a number of senior roles in Israel’s Finance Ministry, most recently as Deputy Director General for Planning and Economy at the Israel Tax Authority. In this capacity, he initiated and led a number of structural reforms in the Israeli economy, such as green tax, company car tax, negative VAT, online tax reporting and others. Boaz Sofer was the chair of the inter-ministerial prices committee, a member of the dumping charges committee, a member of the Israel Railways board of directors, and more. After leaving the public sector, he was CEO of Tikshuv, Israel’s biggest call center company.