Goren Amir employs an integrated apparatus of creative activities and tools, offering a unique and innovative approach to dealing with a range of issues and challenges. Inspired by a holistic and interdisciplinary vision, our apparatus applies across the board to the fields of marketing, communications, public relations and finance.

Our clients hail from a variety of sectors, among them health, security, accounting, international financial services, energy, agriculture, technology, media, education and transportation. Goren Amir provides companies and bodies with tailor-made access to the Israeli government circles to be able to deal with the government regulation they are subjected to.

In an economy with ever-changing regulatory functions, we offer to mediate between the regulatory agencies and the respective sectors in the economy. We take a big-picture approach that nonetheless pays full attention to detail.
The crossover between the business and the public sectors is a shaky ground that requires unique skills and know-how, namely an intimate familiarity with the wants and needs of the other side. We specialize in customized services ranging from devising economic regulation strategies to understanding the impact of legislation on business activity, and more.

Founded in August 2013, Drive has seeks revolutionize the advertising industry. We believe that big ideas are not a function of the account budget, but of the creativity and talent of the people involved. Our goal is to create big ideas for big as well as small accounts.

We do not distinguish between the traditional and the digital media. Led by an idea, our campaigns are assigned to an all-star team that is fully aware that every product, great and small, matters.

Our creative work breaks barriers, changes perceptions, sets novel ground rules and gives our clients a maximum return on their investment.

Problem solving, crisis management, branding and setting the agenda – all these get our staff going, day in day out.

Call us crazy, call us nerds – but hey, look at the results!